Lisa Kirshner Properties Team March 2021 Email

Spring has officially arrived in Los Angeles!
This time of year always has us craving simplicity and renewed intention, which is exactly what we need as we embark on a new season of growth. 
Last march, we were preparing ourselves for a recession and a drop in home sales. The future was uncertain and we were doing our best to maintain a positive outlook while juggling health, economic and social challenges. Much to the surprise of even the most experienced experts, the non-existent spring 2020 market sent us diving head first into some of the hottest and most hectic fall and winter months we’ve ever experienced in our real estate careers.
And now, as we come full circle a year after the pandemic “got real,” we're left feeling enlightened and changed at our core. We’ve adjusted to new norms (although we hope some of them are temporary), we’ve learned to find joy in life at home, and we’ve been deeply grateful that real estate remains a bright spot in the Los Angeles and national economy.
As we head into a month full of events from St. Patrick’s Day to March Madness to Daylight Savings, we want to prepare you for changes involving two important assets: real estate and your money. 
With the 2020 tax deadline fast approaching there are some changes that will affect your filing, especially if you took advantage of the economic relief programs. We’ve also included some helpful strategies to consider if you plan on buying or selling this spring season. The current market is unique for both parties and new conditions require new tactics to come out on top. 
This month we hope you’re looking forward to longer days, warmer weather and the smell of blooming jasmine in Los Angeles. If you’re wanting to throw your hat in the real estate ring, give our team a call so we can make sure you’re prepared!

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