6 Reasons So Many People are Moving to Southeast L.A.

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If you’ve been following our “Neighborhoods to Invest” series on the blog, you’re already in on L.A.’s best-kept real estate secret: Southeast Los Angeles.

The main draw of this area has always been its affordability. However, at Lisa Kirshner Properties we’re about more than the mortgage. We know if you’re going to live in a community you want to know what makes it unique, what the neighbors are like, and the quality of life you can expect.

Here’s what day-to-day life looks like, south of the 10 freeway.

#1: Strong Community Vibes

Remember the good ol’ days of block parties and neighborhood cookouts? Southeast L.A. does. This area is proof that city living can coexist with family values, friendly neighbors, and a strong sense of camaraderie between residents. 

#2: The Best Underground Food Scene

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The underground food scene in Southeast L.A. is finally getting the recognition it deserves. From mom-and-pop staples to rising culinary talents this area is home to some of the best soul and Mexican food in Los Angeles. Here are some of our favorites.

#3: Easy Access to Everything


Enjoy a quick 20-minute drive to the beach, the airport, and downtown L.A. As long as you don’t have family or work on the upper west side you can successfully avoid L.A.’s infamous commute times.

#4: Killer Views (From Your Backyard)

Looking for an iconic view without the multi-million dollar price tag? Ladera Heights and View Park have some of the best around! Some neighborhoods have views that peek into the South Bay and stretch across to Catalina.

#5: Family-Friendly Hikes

Enjoy some of the city’s most cinematic hikes in a shockingly crowd-free environment, even on weekends. 

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area sits just off La Cienega south of Mid-city. With a well-maintained network of short trails, a pond, and a Japanese garden, it’s the perfect place to bring young children who want to run and explore. 

#6: Room to Grow

Ready to swap your downtown condo for a spacious home and two-car garage? Consider venturing to the tree-lined streets of Park Hills Heights. Where else in L.A. can you find an updated home, with a large yard (and pool), for under $1.3 million? Answer: Nowhere.

An ideal spot for growing families!

Interested in learning more about Southeast L.A real estate? Call us at (310) 500-1360 we’d love to share a list of available properties with you!

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